Nft splinterlands game has 260k daily users and is most popular blockchain game

What exactly is splinterlands !!

Splinterlands is a free, collectible digital card game based on blockchain technology. Players match an opponent based on the leaderboard score..then the winner will be a prize. The more battles you win.. the higher your rank and the more rewards you will get. Rewards.. At first players start with a deck of free playing cards. You can get cards by purchasing Booster Packs or specific cards from other Marlette players. Each Booster Pack contains five random cards with at least one guarantee of being rare or better. Another way to earn cards is to complete daily missions and rewards this season. Can we earn rewards without investing …. To earn real money from the game, you must get Summoner’s Grimoire. This allows you to win the game..choose a unique account name and access your blockchain account keys and even more. You can purchase Summoner’s Grimoire from the in-game store for $10 ..You can also buy boosters for $2 apiece with the Summoner’s Home folder. Splinterlands runs on Hive Blockchain, a public distributed and secure blockchain platform… Decentralized management of many applications The platform also offers fast and free transactions, so it’s always a plus..

How to play this game!

To battle other players click the “Battle” menu option at the top of the screen.. You

can choose between ranked or training battles… Playing ranked matches will increase your

score as you earn, giving you greater rewards at the end of the season…

You receive a random set of battle settings and conditions.. along with information

on your opponent. From have a few minutes to strategically choose your cards.

Your card team will consist of one Summoner card and one to six Monster cards depending on the

battle settings provided. After that the battle will start automatically according to the rules

game presets. The first team to destroy all of the opposing team’s monsters wins….

The score of the winners will increase. As your rank increases, you will enter

higher leagues which will unlock higher level cards and bigger rewards. A

game winning streak will give you a 2x bonus to your rank. It’s incredible…

Do you know of any other card games that reward their players for completing series of


Participating in tournaments and completing daily quests will also earn you

rewards In tournaments, you can compete to win a share of the prize pool. For the

daily missions.. you have to win a certain number of battles against a specific type of

Splinter. Remember that the summoner used in battle must be the Splinter specified in your quest to

victory to be taken into account in the progress of your quest…



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