Several cryptos will be accepted as tax payments in Colorado

“We want to accept payment in a wide variety of cryptocurrencies, just like we do with credit cards, for the convenience of our customers,” Polis added. Colorado is currently looking for companies to handle the real crypto transactions, according to the governor. “We don’t want to incur the speculative risk of keeping crypto,” Polis explained, “so we’ll have a transactional layer there.”

Polis originally mentioned his desire to use cryptocurrency for tax purposes at Consensus 2021, adding to his long list of pro-crypto statements. Polis was one of the first politicians in the United States to take bitcoin campaign donations when he was elected to Congress in Colorado in 2014.
Colorado would not be the first state to accept taxes in the form of digital assets, but experimental programs in Ohio and Seminole County, Florida were both unsuccessful and eventually abandoned.

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